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Title 1 Advisory Committee Meeting

The Title I advises the SSC on the development, and implementation of an effective supplemental program, school plan and services that meet the needs of Title I students. 


Parents of students being served have the opportunity to participate in the design, and implementation of the program through activities such as a development of a parent involvement policy, home-school compact, parent training, and volunteer participation in school activities.    

Calendar of Meetings


8:30 a.m.


Orientation August 25, 2017
Election of Parents September 1, 2017

Annual Meeting 

Meeting #1

September 15, 2017
Meeting #2 November 3, 2017
Meeting #3 December 1, 2017
Meeting #4 February 2, 2018
Meeting #5 May 4, 2018



Washington Elementary School

Title 1 Committee

2017 – 2018





DAC Representative

Mari Agredano




Jennifer Romero


Sonia Garcia


Idalia Rubio









Mayra Lopez


Mayra Knutson


Armida Andrade


Belen Jimenez


Maria Lopez


Yolanda Robles Hernandez


Maria Gil


Esmeralda Cervantes


Lydia Gallardo


Virginia Pop


Rosa Martin-Torres


Evelia Cruz


Maria Luisa Hernandez


Diana Hernandez


Lourdes Ornelas


Medarda Hernandez


Elizabeth Maravilla